Allegro School of Music Terms & Conditions

  1. Lessons
    • Each student will be assigned an individual lesson time slot on a weekly basis, unless a different arrangement has been made with Allegro School of Music.
    • All lessons begin and end at agreed scheduled times. If student arrives late to the lesson, that portion of the lesson will be considered missed.
    • Please contact Allegro School of Music management with any questions, comments, or complaints about lessons or instructors. While it is our hope to offer you a quality, long-term instructor, Allegro School of Music reserves the right to substitute instructors should it become necessary.
  2. Lesson Fees
    • Lessons are booked and paid for in a pre-determined block of lessons — generally five — (the “lesson cycle”). Certain special offers may require signing up for more than five lessons, in which case, that pre-determined number constitutes the lesson cycle. The fee for individual music instruction can be provided upon request. Fee structure subject to change without prior notice. We also offer group lessons.
    • Payment for each lesson cycle will be due before you begin lessons for that cycle. All payments are to be made directly to Allegro School of Music; under no circumstances are payments to be given to instructors. You agree to pay a $25.00 USD service charge for all returned checks. Lack of payment or returned checks will suspend instruction until payment is received. All lesson payments must be paid in advance before we can start with lesson instruction. Lesson payments are NON REFUNDABLE. There are no refunds for any reason.
  3. Lesson Cancellations
    • Student progress can best be assured through the discipline of regularly scheduled lessons. Predictable schedules enable us to maintain a highly qualified teaching staff and a professional learning environment. The attendance, payment and cancellation policies listed herein are based on this understanding.
    • If you need to cancel a lesson, you must contact Allegro School of Music at least 24 hours in advance (by 6:00pm on Saturday for Monday lessons) via telephone, excepting legitimate emergency situations. All scheduling must be done by Allegro School of Music management, not by instructors. Such canceled lessons may be rescheduled at a time mutually convenient for you and the instructor, and are subject to availability. If you do not give Allegro School of Music notice at least 24 hours in advance, you will have forfeited the lesson. If you cancel or do not show up for any reason, you automatically get charged in full for the scheduled lesson time. If you are unable or cannot reschedule a lesson due to your own schedule limitations, you forfeit the lesson time. Any additional cancellations will be forfeited.
    • In the event that legitimate emergency situations such as illness or family emergencies do not allow for 24 hour advance notice, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible so instructors can be given the courtesy of being notified so as not to make a trip for a lesson that will not be taking place.
    • Each student will be granted one lesson make-up per lesson cycle for any reason including sickness. Any lesson missed by the student over that amount, will not be made up. In the case of prolonged sickness, a student must supply a doctor’s certificate and will have one make-up lesson, lose one lesson and all remaining lessons missed will be refunded or credited.
    • Any lessons missed by an instructor will be made up or reimbursed with a refund or a credit towards a future invoice.  Instructors can be substituted at Allegro School of Music’s discretion.
    • Students absent from 2 lessons in a row with no contact will be dropped from the schedule completely with no refunds, make-ups or credit. Please note that it is up to the student or the parent to communicate directly with Allegro School of Music well enough in advance to plan any absences or rescheduled lessons.
    • Group lessons can not be made up. If an instructor must cancel a lesson, either a substitute instructor will be assigned or the class will be rescheduled. If a student must miss a class, the student is responsible for notifying Allegro School of Music management and collecting all assignments.
  4. Public Holidays
    • Should an individual lesson fall on a public holiday, those lessons missed will be made up at a mutually convenient time for the student and instructor or credited towards a future invoice.
  5. Student Responsibilities
    • Students are responsible for the purchase of their own sheet music, instruments, and other materials needed for lessons. Our instructors will assist in referring students as to where they can obtain these items, however they are not responsible for providing them. Students must have use of their musical instrument and lesson materials at the time of instruction.
    • Musical skills are built on the foundation of hard work and consistent monitoring by an instructor. Since it is our desire that our students gain the greatest possible benefit from their lessons, certain guidelines are suggested. Each instructor will determine how much practice is ideal for each student. Progress will be made most quickly by those students who maintain the recommended practicing time. At the very least, recommended practice time should be a half-hour, 5-6 days per week.
    • We encourage parents to be present in the practice room, especially when students are very young and in the very novice stages. Parents should be involved with the student’s progress and practice at home; the best way to do this is to know what the student is being taught at the lesson and what the expectations are for the following week’s lesson. Take time to listen to your child play, in addition to creating a daily practice routine.
  6. Terminations
    • We reserve the right to terminate lessons for any reason. In the event that Allegro School of Music terminates lessons for any reason other than your breach of these Terms and Conditions, prior to the fulfillment of your prepaid lessons, Allegro School of Music will refund to you the amount of any prepaid, unfulfilled lessons. You can terminate lessons at any time, however, there are no refunds for lessons that have already been paid for.
  7. Practice Rooms
    • Please do not bring any food or drinks into the practice rooms. No exceptions.
    • Please turn off cell phones when entering practice rooms. A ringing cell phone or answering a call during a lesson is extremely disruptive and counterproductive for the student and the overall flow of the instructor’s lesson.
    • Please try and refrain from making or receiving calls in the hallway outside the practice rooms. It is disruptive both to the lessons that are in progress, as well as to the employees whose offices are adjacent.
  8. General
    • Please note that all Allegro School of Music instructors have an Independent Contractor Agreement with Allegro School of Music LLC, which prevents them from conducting lessons independently of Allegro School of Music LLC, with either current or previous students of Allegro School of Music. Our ability to provide our service is contingent upon this understanding. You are therefore asked to please refrain from any direct or indirect solicitations for lessons, in order to not violate Allegro School of Music’s Terms and Conditions.
    • Please be advised that Allegro School of Music instructors are Independent Contractors and are independently and solely liable for any property damage, injury, accident, or misconduct that occurs on premises of instruction. It is preferable that parent have a parent, adult, or legal guardian on premises during a lesson. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree, regardless of the attendance or absence by a parent, adult, or legal guardian during instruction, that parent releases Hi Key Music, Inc. (d/b/a Allegro Music Center), Allegro School of Music LLC, OPEK Properties LLC, any future subsidiaries, our instructors, officers, directors, any parent and subsidiary or other affiliated entities, and its instructors, from any and all liability and responsibility in any case of personal injury, property damage, injury, accident, or misconduct.
    • During the lesson times at 6869 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33144, student and/or parent/legal guardian will be responsible for their own health and safety and waive their right to legal action. The student and/or parent/legal guardian is fully responsible for any damage to school property.