Trade-In Policy

Allegro Music Center offers a full credit on the value of violins, violas, cellos, and contrabasses towards the upgrade of a better quality violin, viola, cello, or contrabass previously purchased from Allegro Music Center. The better quality instrument must be at least 50% higher in value than the one originally purchased or being upgraded from. If you would like to trade-in your instrument for the next size up but keep the same quality instrument, the credit will be 50% of the value of the instrument. Trade-in credits exclude sales tax, shipping and accessories*, where applicable.

Only one instrument can be traded-in toward the purchase of another instrument. Additionally, you may only trade-in and upgrade or exchange to the same type of instrument previously purchased or upgraded from (e.g. a violin towards a violin, a viola towards a viola, etc.)

Instruments must be properly maintained and remain in good condition. Please remove any and all decals, stickers, tape, and other markings from the instrument before trading it in. Instruments that are being traded-in will be inspected for damage. There will be no refurbishment fee deducted for normal wear and tear, however, a depreciation fee will be deducted if the instrument or any of its components (i.e. chinrest, bridge, tailpiece, pegs, soundpost) has had serious damage. Any dents, large scratches, cracks, etc. will diminish the trade-in value, and the cost of any necessary repairs will be deducted from your credit.

For trade-ins of instruments originally purchased online, orders should be placed over the phone, so that we can calculate the trade-in value. We will send you the new instrument, charging for the price of the instrument minus trade-in credits and deductions. If you are certain you would like to keep the new instrument, pack up the trade-in instrument, using the same box the new instrument arrived in, if possible. The old instrument must be received back by us within 30 days of the purchase of your new instrument or you will be charged the full price for the new instrument. Shipping charges for the shipping of trade-in instruments are the responsibility of the customer.

*We cannot provide credit for cases, bags, bows, and strings, since these items are expendable and need to be replaced in order for us to be able to sell the instrument. The following sets out the schedule of accessory deductions for orchestral string instrument outfits. This schedule is subject to change without notice.

  • Instruments below $199.98 will have a $60 deduction.
  • Instruments from $199.99 to $29/9.98 will have an $80 deduction.
  • Instruments from $299.99 to $499.98 will have a $100 deduction.
  • Instruments above $499.99 will have a $120 deduction.
  • In the case of contrabasses, deductions will be calculated at the time of the upgrade.